WHAT WE BELIEVE  Nazarenes are just ordinary people made up of all different backgrounds, yet who in the tradition of Augustine, Luther, Wesley, Moody and millions of others, have discovered a meaningful relationship in Jesus Christ.

We are excited about what God has done for us. Our lives have been changed drastically. Ambitions, attitudes, outlook, and lifestyle; everything has been affected by Him and we like the difference. He has become the source of our joy and the recipient of our love.

We do not apologize for being a little different. You may see us praying before our meal at a restaurant or talking excitedly about our joy in Christ, but you will find that we still salute our flag and believe there are other exciting Christians who are Nazarene!

The Bible is our book. If it's not confirmed by the Bible, we don't want it. Nor do we want it given to us by some private interpretation. It is through this book that truth reached out to us and we will never be the same.

It is through the forgiveness of Jesus Christ that we lay hold of life effervescent and everlasting. We realize that we are not perfect people, but we are committed to allowing Jesus to help us exchange our selfishness for His love.

When you come to our services, we want you to feel the warmth of Gods love and hear the truth of Gods message; but most of all we want your life to feel the touch of Gods hand. If that happens, we feel we have fulfilled our purpose.

We invite you to join the fellowship of First Nazarene as your place of worship, community, and service. We want to know you personally and look forward to experiencing this amazing journey together with you!


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